Client Spotlight- Owen Brown

on February 22, 2017 Client Spotlight with 0 comments

Here at Paragon Insurance Group we have the opportunity to work with some exceptional and interesting people. Our clients come from all different backgrounds and have a diverse set of talents. This quarter we would like to highlight Owen Brown. Owen and his wife, Alison, recently moved to the Minneapolis area from San Francisco. Owen is an extraordinarily talented artist with an inspiring outlook on life.

Owen- MCQ diptychOwen earned degrees in philosophy and economics from Yale and the University of Chicago, and studied engineering and computer science at Stanford. Trained as well as a classical pianist, he didn’t discover the pleasures of painting until his 20s. This eventually led to a stint at the California College of Arts, which he attended during the day, while running a Japan-based business from San Francisco in the evenings.

Married with children, Owen eventually became concerned about the consistency of income for an artist. He returned to a business career during the day, reserving evenings and weekends for painting, and wound up running a strategic consultancy. Five years ago, Owen started to get renewed attention from West Coast collectors: their interest and encouragement caused him to reconsider his career. Owen describes this life changing decision as his choice to “make meaning rather than of money”. Owen now exhibits nationally, and will be having a one-man show at Isles Studio and Gallery in June.Owen-How we loved one another small

Owen was trained as a figurative artist; over the last few years he has veered towards abstraction, but he does on occasion return to representational work. When asked where he gets his inspiration for his pieces he said, “it could be a stain on the wall, a walk outside on a nice day or even your shadow, you never know what could spark your soul.” Even in this chilly Minnesota climate, Owen walks to his studio every day, just taking in his surroundings and being present in the moment.

Owen has two projects he is working on in addition to his daily painting. One is digital. Working with software developers, he is using data from the SETI Institute to present a visual, changing display of the atmosphere. The other is the creation of a long scroll with poet, Emily Wolahan, combining her poems with his art. This scroll will be brought out in a limited edition by Magnolia Editions, a fine art press.

Scattered throughout this article and on the following page are photos of several of Owen’s paintings. If you are interested in seeing more of his work or contacting him about painting something for your home or office, his contact information is or you can visit his website at


Owen- Spring trees screen small image   Owen- Views of Stonebridge 1920  Owen-diptych small  Owen-Portrait sketch small   Owen-Two Gentlemen 1920   Owen-Trees of the Field small   owen brown 18   owen brown2