Life as a Scout with the MN Vikings

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There has been lot of excitement surrounding the Minnesota Vikings in the last few years, with the opening season in the new stadium, to new players, and then to top it off Minnesota will be hosting the super bowl this year! The football season is filled with excitement and suspense. But, do you ever wonder who is behind the scenes, making the season possible for all of us to enjoy? Paragon has had the pleasure of working with and talking to Reed Burckhardt who has had multiple different recruiting titles for the Minnesota Vikings as well as other big college football programs.

Reed played football for South Dakota State and knew that after college, he wanted to continue to pursue a career within football. He originally wanted to become a coach and accepted an internship with South Dakota State. Reed spent a year with SDSU expanding his experience in many aspects of the game, from recruiting to working with the linebacker coach as well as many other areas.

To prepare for his next career move, Reed utilized a connection he had with the MN Vikings, to inquire about an internship with the team. Reed went through the interview process, and did indeed land himself an internship with the Minnesota Vikings football operations. Following that, he transitioned to player personnel intern, blesto scout, area scout and now pro scout.

A typical day as a scout for the Vikings consists of traveling to certain areas within the United States and visiting various colleges. During that visit, he will meet with various different staff members that know the players well, such as coaches, strength coaches and athletic trainers to get to know more about the athletes character traits and medical history. He will watch film and practice, take notes on everything he learns while he is there and then report back to the Vikings administration.

Reed recently transition to a pro scout and his role has changed quite a bit. Instead of being involved with recruiting future players, he now helps scout an upcoming opponent to understand their game tendencies both on offense and defense. He then reports back to coordinators and evaluates all of the players on that particular team.

Reed, hopes to continue to grow within the Vikings. When asked what his ultimate end goal is, he responded with, “I’m just looking to help the organization win in whichever role they place me in.  Hopefully as I grow they trust me with more.”

If Reed could give someone looking to pursue a career in professional football recruiting or coaching he would advise them to immerse themselves in whatever level or program of football they can get involved with. The game is the same no matter what level you are working with. Getting experience is most important.