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Providing The Coverage You Need

Providing the coverage that you need

 We understand that clients of high net worth often have risks that can be difficult to protect through traditional methods. By partnering with the most highly respected and diverse insurance companies in the country we guarantee that no matter what type of insurance needs you have, we will be able to protect them and provide you with the confidence that you’re properly covered in the event of a loss.


 Your home is much more than a place to sleep at the end of a long day. At Paragon we understand that and work closely with you to make sure that we’re protecting what makes your home yours! Often, the most beautiful homes are the most difficult to insure, so whether you reside on the coast, in the mountains or in a gated community, we have the ability to handle your most complex insurance needs. With coverage for landscaping and our promise to match the exceptional quality of your home during a rebuild, we promise that we will keep every detail of what makes your home unique.


 Insuring multiple vehicles with multiple policies can be incredibly inconvenient. Paragon-Private Client Services keeps it simple. With Paragon covering all of your vehicles; from everyday cars, antique and collector cars, motorcycles, motor homes, ATV’s, golf carts and more will be included under one policy. With our Worldwide Liability Coverage and Agreed Upon Value, we promise that in case of an accident -no matter where it happens- you’ll be taken care of.

Excess Liability

 Safeguard your family and assets against claims of personal injury or property damage with additional coverage up to $100 million.

  1. Ability to choose from an elite panel of defense firms
  2. Ability for your personal attorney to participate in the defense strategy
  3. Not responsible for legal fees incurred in the lawsuit
  4. Up to $10 million available in Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage

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